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“Dynamism, innovation, creativity and overall passion for my job.
I have always been moved by these values, building up day by day the success of the company that bears my name.”


Established in 1981, EnzodegliAngiuoni today has reached the goal that its founder had in mind since the beginning, when he only had a couple of looms and a small warehouse: becoming a quality style landmark in the furniture textile international scene.


The company’s ability to rapidly understand the ever-changing market trends, to satisfy every client’s need with a flexible attitude, following a “global quality” philosophy with the use of new technologies, continuously reinvesting in a constant innovation process, has lead EDA to be one of the international leaders in the production of high quality home textiles.


Our headquarters in Garbagnate Monastero, near Lecco, designed by architect Antonio Citterio, combines both the administrative, commercial and creative departments, with the weaving factory for the production of jacquard, ratière and velvet fabrics. The welcoming architecture, essential and bright, reflects the company’s personality, moved by an international creative dynamism.


Creative Lab

EnzodegliAngiuoni - Centro Stile


eda-azienda-telai-01EnzodegliAngiuoni - Tessitura

EnzodegliAngiuoni - Tessitura

EnzodegliAngiuoni - Tessitura

EnzodegliAngiuoni - Tessitura


EnzodegliAngiuoni - Showroom


Our internal showroom, hosting the whole EDA’s production, represents the heart of the company. Here, the wide range of textiles for interior and contract, for outdoor and fashion, up to the luxury ones in cashmere, introduce our clients to the unique world of EDA fabrics.







Quality is for EnzodegliAngiuoni a constant goal and an ever evolving matter, along with its continuos technological evolution and the ability to match and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. A “global quality” philosophy, where the continuos aesthetic research and innovation is combined with several and rigorous tests and quality controls, thus guaranteeing fabric characteristics consistent with the most strict ISO international regulations. Another added value for high quality and aesthetic products.
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