Mayumi | Video

Japanese inspiration for our new Mayumi fabrics collection

Finally here, in the land of the Rising Sun.
Walking about Yoyogi’s park, one of Tokyo’s most creative areas, a girl wearing a surprising mix of styles, helps us to find our way to Jinadi-ji temple. Mayumi soon becomes our special and unexpected travel guide. From Tokyo’s hypermodern neighbors like Shibuya, to the very historical heart of Kyoto, with its paved lanes, its enchanted Japanese garden and its workshops, where artisans still master their fabric dyeing technique. Back to the coolest districts, where a kaleidoscope of urban lights and an incredible fusion of styles are ordinary, here. Mayumi shows us a deeply eclectic image of Japan, merging now with our travel memories.
Her name becomes our new fabrics collection name, trying to translate, in a contemporary way, the large amount of suggestions collected. Like and emotional and spiritual bridge, re-processing the emotions of this travel, Mayumi aims to contribute to make our daily lives simply a little richer.
In London and Berlin. In Milan as in New York.


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